Frankenstein Halloween Treats

Frankenstein Halloween Treats
Frankenstein Halloween Treats

Frankenstein Halloween Treats
We’ve been really busy in the Dinner4Two kitchen creating fun Halloween treats for you to share this ghoulish Halloween season. Some treats have been super easy and can be made in 15 minutes like the witches hats and brooms, while others take a little more finesse, patience, creativity and time. That would be the case with our Frankenstein Halloween treats. We love these adorable treats and we can tell you they are worth every bit of the effort!
The first thing you’re going to do is gather up all your supplies. You’re probably going to need to make a couple of trips to a few different stores. Try WalMart first you may find everything you need there.
Frankenstein Halloween Treats

Here’s your supply list…
• Kit Kats
• Mini Reece peanut butter cups
• Candy eyes
• Black gel frosting
• White chocolate melting chips
• Green food tint – be sure to get the one that is compatible with chocolate
• Black licorice
• 2 Packages black beans or any type of beans will work

Frankenstein Halloween Treats
1. In a bowl add your beans. You’re going to use this to hold your Frankenstein’s while the chocolate “sets up” and gets firm.
2. Break your Kit Kat’s apart so that you have individual sticks. Put them on a plate and stick it in the freeze for about 20 minutes while you prep the other ingredients.
3. Cut your licorice into tiny thin strips for the mouth and the rods that stick out on the side of Frankenstein’s head.
4. Open the mini Reece cups and put them in a bowl.
5. Open your eyes and put them in a bowl.
6. Steps one thru five are important to have ready before you begin to dip your Kit Kat’s; the chocolate sets rather quickly and you will need everything in place to create your darling Frankenstein’s.
7. Melt your chocolate according to the package directions. Add green food tint. Our WalMart had the melting chips in green so it wasn’t necessary to use the food tint.
8. Remove your Kit Kat’s from the freezer. Dip a quarter to a half of your Kit Kat’s in the chocolate. Let excess drip off. Let it cool for just a minute or so.
9. You will see the chocolate begin to “set up.” At this point add the eyes, mouth and rods to the side of Frankenstein’s head. Add the mini Reece’s cup to the top with the ruffled side down.
10. Set the bowl with your little monsters in it in the freezer so each one can completely set up and get firm. About 15-20 minutes.
11. Last, remove them from the freeze and with the gel frosting draw a small line across the forehead. Take a tooth pick and make 2 vertical lines by running it through the gel frosting this will create the stitch marks on Frankenstein’s head.
Happy Halloween, Life is Delicious