Congrats TO Our 2016 Harley Davidson Winners

2016 Dinner4Two Harley Davidson Winner
2016 Dinner4Two Harley Davidson Winner

Congrats to Dillon and Sabrina on winning the 2016 Harley Davidson from Dinner4Two. The lucky winners are from Jefferson City, Missouri. Scott Willenbrock from RP Missouri shared in the fun at the presentation.

Sabrina was shocked to get the call from Scott she and Dillion had won the Harley. She said, “To be honest I thought it was a scam I asked what the catch was. I do remember filling out the card but I just didn’t think I could win. I never win anything and I just was totally shocked and surprised. Really, because who Ever wins.”

Sabrina and Dillion are looking forward to getting out and taking long rides. She Commented “We haven’t been out on it yet, we have to get our motorcycle licenses and I just had knee surgery and can’t go out riding yet. It’ll be a few months before I can go out” With a big smile on her face she commented, “I have sat on it.”

“I’ve always wanted to be a HOG member/owner. Growing up my grandparents always had a Harley and were Hog members; that’s why I always wanted to be a Hog member. I rode with my grandpa in my teens around town in Boliver, Tn I loved those days, I have great memories, those are cherished memories.”

In addition Sabrina said, “When my husband and I attended the Dinner4Two Culinary demonstration my husband thought it was a scam when we first sat down. I wanted to go because it sounded fun and I was excited. We had fun and enjoyed the food that was cooked. I ordered the champagne flutes and really love them.”

Sabrina and Dillion Dinner4Two is excited for both of you to get out on the open road and create new memories, congrats to both of you!

Life is Delicious!