Bridal Shows

It's Bridal Show Season
It’s Bridal Show Season

Bridal Shows

Bridal show season is upon us and if you haven’t had the chance to attend one you really need to make it a part of your wedding planning experience. They are FUN, full of excitement and worth the price of admission. Gather up your bridal party and head out to your local bridal show.

However preparing yourself ahead of time is a must to get the most out of the show experience. Some bridal shows are small like a boutique shop and others are huge like going to the mall.

No matter what size they are we love bridal shows and the opportunity to see and speak to a multitude of wedding vendors all in one spot. Not to mention all the cake you’ll get to sample, bands you’ll get to listen to and the latest trends in wedding décor. Let’s not forget The Dress! Don’t miss the fashion show; it’s like being at Fashion Week in NYC.

Bridal Shows Top 10 List

We have put together our top 10 list of things to do to prepare for attending a bridal show…

  1. Clear your calendar for the day of the show. Plan to spend a minimum of 4 or 5 hours at a large show. You will need this time to see everything and spend some time talking to the wedding vendors and take in one of the fashions shows. You don’t want to have a pressing lunch date or someone to meet at a specific time; you’ll be disappointed if you have to leave early before you’ve had a chance to speak to the wedding vendors on your list.
  2. Make this your day. This is a fun day so grab your entourage along with your mom and head to the bridal show. It always helps to get a second opinion or hear what your MOH thinks about the flavor of a cake you think will wow your guests and the simple truth is…the cake is dry and lacks any kind of yummy flavor. Pre -Printed labels are a must! Don’t leave home without them; unless you want to get writer’s cramp or you have a large entourage who will fill out information cards for you. Trust us, you want to bring labels with you with the following information; Name, address, cell number, email address and wedding date.
  3. Pick 3 or 4 items off your wedding planning to do list to get accomplished at the bridal show; for example, taste cakes and find a wedding cake vendor. Look for a reception venue and see if they have your date available; make an appointment to visit the venue.   This will allow you to get things accomplished and checked off your to do list. Many (if not all) of the booths and tables at the bridal show will have draws for prizes and giveaways and each will have a ballot for you to fill out. Think of how much time it will save you in filling out ballots, letting you see so much more of the show and increasing your chances of winning since you will be able to enter so many more draws. Not to mention the fact that the vendors will love you for your neatly printed and much more readable ballots!
  4. Comfortable shoes are an absolute must. If you’re going to be standing and walking for 4-5 hours you’d better make sure those pretty little tootsies are up to the task; and comfortable shoes are the only consideration.
  5. You thought you were only going to be the star on the day of your wedding…Nope; you’re the star for the day at any bridal show you attend. You need to stand out in the crowd; be sure to get a bride to be sticker. What’s fun also, is to get stickers that say maid of honor, mother of the bride and bridesmaid. Some brides are having tee shirts made up for the entire bridal party to attend the show. We love how cute and creative brides have gotten.
  6. You’re going to get a ton of stuff at the show and you need a big bag to haul it all home in. Some wedding vendors give out small bags…We promise you they won’t be big enough to carry all “the stuff” you’ll get at the show.
  7. Bring a pen and notebook to jot down notes and ideas. Believe us when we say bridal shows are like being on Pinterest live, only you don’t have a board to pin your ideas to and taking pictures is highly frowned on by wedding vendors. They look at their designs as their intellectual property.
  8. Bring your check book. Many vendors offer really good incentive deals the day of the bridal show if you book with them.
  9. Put on your biggest smile, collect all the free fun stuff and enjoy the day being the star of the show. This is your special time to be The Bride-to-be!
  10. Put on your biggest smile, collect all the free fun stuff and enjoy the day being the star of the show. This is your special time to be The Bride-to-Be!

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