4th of July Flag Treats

4th of July flag Treats
4th of July flag Treats

Do you love watching fireworks on the 4th of July? Actually what would the 4th be without fireworks! Are you the kind of family that enjoys the festivities of watching the big fireworks displays in the city, perhaps you prefer to purchase a bunch of fireworks and shoot them off after you’ve had friends over for a barbecue? Maybe you do both, the barbecue with friends, head into the city and then home to keep the 4th of July festivities going with your own fireworks.

4th of July Flag treat bag

Whatever you do here’s a sweet little treat to nosh on while enjoying those fireworks on the 4th of July. Our 4th of July flag treats are meant to be made ahead of time so there’re ready as you run out the door. We think they’re adorable, especially with their cute vintage printable flag tag and the red white and blue bakers twine.

We first tried to dip our red licorice in white chocolate to create the white stripes in the flag…epic fail! The white chocolate just kept flaking off no matter what we tried. Gasp! Now what…we headed to the candy isle at the grocery store to see what we could come up with? We stood there for eternity contemplating all the possibilities and finally settled on Cookies n Crème Hersey bars; as you can see they added exactly the right touch and completed the flag!

4th of july Flag treat bag Supplies-for-Flag-Treat-Bag

First things first, head to the grocery store, craft store and Staples to pick up your supplies. Pick up red licorice, Hersey’s Cookies n Crème bars, red white and blue M&M’s at the grocery store. Each treat bag will take one Cookies n Crème bar. You may want to pick up two large bags of M&M’s because you’re going to need to separate the blue M&M’s out from the rest.

Next head to your local craft store to pick up the bakers twine and cellophane bags; they should be in the candy making/baking isle. Last preparation is downloading and sending the file to Staples to pint the cute vintage flag labels here. We had Staples print them printed on card stock. We like the finished product much better; the colors were brighter and clearer. You can also print them on your home printer if like.

Now let’s get to the fun part… assembling the bags
1.Break the Cookies n Crème bars into strips. Be careful as they have a tendency to break in several places. If you break them along their lines it’ll work better.
2.First put the blue M&M’s in the bottom of the cellophane bag.
3.Add by layering the Twizzlers and then the Cookies n Cream bars, repeat.
4.Tie shut and add the vintage flag tag

Happy 4th of July!
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