The Art of Romance – A Mister’s Guide to Honeymooning

The Art of Romance


The Art of Romance: The Mister’s Honeymoon Guide

This is a place where you Mister’s can learn the art of romance and how to get what you want on your honeymoon and on into the “Honey Ever After.” We are dedicating this all of you! When you’re in a pinch and nothing you think of seems to be good enough or you feel you’re only half the way there and need just a little something to put you over the top! We Diva’s will always come to your aid. We always want you to shine in the eyes of your sweetheart. We’ll help you come up with those special touches, those, “Ahhhhh, baby you’re so sweet”  moments, ensuring, without a doubt, that you’ll stay in her good graces…even when you have asked her to go back to your room for the 5th  time in two days!

If your destination is a resort or hotel, you have a partner in the romance category. That partner is the Concierge…or even sometimes, resorts have a romance specialist. Your Concierge can have anything arranged for you while you’re on property.  All you need to do is call ahead and have things arranged. To ensure there’s no unwanted crinkles in your sheets, be sure to contact the concierge 2 – 3 weeks out from your arrival date because it might take them some time to make your sweet romance a reality. Be sure to confirm with them 2-3 days before your wedding to make sure everything is in place.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with a “Concierge,” they’re usually located in the lobby area of the hotel and they have their own dedicated desk. This person is well versed in all the activities, restaurants, quiet off the beaten path places, swanky night spots, and the right people in town to make everything happen just the way you want it to. They can advise you what areas to stay away from and the spots locals love to go to. They are a wealth of knowledge and are more than happy to help you impress your new bride. Be sure to tip your Concierge if they do an outstanding job for you; typically 15% of the cost of what they arranged, but honestly if you give them $20.00 they will be quite happy.

Here are our Top 5 Diva Approved “Honeymoon Insurance” tips:

1)      Surprise her and book the honeymoon suite for the first night. Yes, they cost more, but you get more and you are looking for the breathy,” OH, BABY!” factor to relax her right away…the one that lets you know she is supremely happy. Put a glass of champagne in her hand, light a couple of candles, turn on soft romantic music and gently spin her around the room. Doing this creates that warm ambience and sets the stage for an evening of intimacy. Be sure to arrange for a late check-out especially if you don’t have to catch a plane. Linger in bed and order room service for breakfast.

2)      Sprinkle rose petals from the door into the bedroom with one long stem rose in the middle of the bed. Side note here….don’t have the bed covered in roses petals! Been ther, did that, took time to clean up before we could actually use the bed….not so much fun for the first night! The maid had already turned the bed down for the night, before the Concierge had a chance to spread the roses petals…trust me, it’s the last thing you will want to be doing at that moment!  Make sure to find out her favorite rose color for the one stem you put in the middle of the bed. Add a few candles and a bottle of champagne or wine and you just hit a perfect 10 in the hubby department. Don’t forget to sneak a couple of wine glasses in your luggage. You can get nice plastic ones if you don’t want to carry glass. Happy First Night!!

3)      You both are going to be very tired and most likely you won’t have had a chance to eat much. Ask the caterer or the banquet staff to make a to-go box from your reception, along with 2 slices of cake. When you arrive in your room, you can enjoy this meal for 2 at your leisure. Another option is to arrange for the hotel to have a fruit, cheese & crackers, and chocolate trey. She will think you are so thoughtful for thinking of the two of you.

4)      Present her with a sweet present the first night. This is actually a tradition…but one you should stick with following. The field is wide open on this one. It can be anything from something you make to a new perfume, lingerie, a poem you wrote especially for her, a piece of jewelry, or an embroidered bathrobe that says the new Mrs… .  The gift will bring a cute and playful memory to her mind of the 2 of you and the first night of your honeymoon when she became your Mrs. If you really want to take it over the top, have a gift for each day. A friend of mine took a Rubik’s cube and pictures of himself and his bride and glued them to the squares of the Rubik’s cube. It is truly one of her most cherished mementos from their honeymoon.

5)      This one is so simple but truly screams, “I want to take care of you and love you the rest of my life!” Arrange to get her pillow and take it along on the honeymoon. Don’t be afraid to carry it through the airport. Stuff it in a back pack and pull it out when you arrive at your destination.  How many times have you been somewhere and couldn’t seem to sleep or get comfortable because you didn’t have your pillow?!

Just a couple of pointers the big debut: Remember to be considerate and don’t throw her on the bed the second you walk into your hotel room! Allow for some wind down time before you throw try to get to it. When you include the romance factor, you are going to get so much more from her that night and the rest of the honeymoon! Take your time and enjoy her while you are exploring life as a married couple. Make sure to tell her how special and beautiful and set apart she is to you, women need verbal affirmation.

We hope these tips will get you started thinking and help you up the romance factor!

Happy Honeymooning!

Diva V