Signature Details

Signature Details!


It’s Wedding Wednesday and we want to know what your signature detail is that makes your wedding uniquely you & your fiancé?

Do you have a signature cocktail that you will be serving your guests? Is it a surprise dance number that you both have taken classes to perfect? Are your invitations being delivered in a bottle because you’re getting married on the beach?

Maybe you are a DIYer and have several signature… pieces like ribbons tied to chairs for an outdoor ceremony or ribbons tied to tree branches to gently blow in the wind for a romantic greeting as your guests arrive at your wedding venue.

Perhaps it’s your homemade cherry jam you’re giving as your thank you gifts. Maybe you’re choosing to do something different with your big send off after the reception… during the day you could let balloons go or send up romantic sky lanterns for an evening send off.

There are as many ways to add a signature stamp to your wedding as there are wedding dresses to choose from.  A signature stamp is all about infusing some pieces you and your fiancés personality into your wedding. It really allows your guests to connect with you and your wedding on a more personal level; your guests will say…oh that is so you, of course they had to have that or do that! These are the elements that really make your guests remember your wedding with fond memories instead of it being just another wedding they attended this year.

Signature elements don’t have to come with a heavy price tag especially if you are a DIYer or have friends who are.  Take to the web to find sources to purchase from to help you achieve that signature stamp. Enlist the help of your friends and family to brainstorm how to create your signature look. Talk to your friends and find out who they know who you might be able to talk to help. Friends and family really enjoy being able to help you create the picture of your perfect day. When it all comes together they feel just like you, a sense of accomplishment and pride in being able to help you.

Here are a few of our favorite signature elements

  1. The backyard game corn hole gets glamified! We love the elegant custom design version! This is a perfect way for your guests to mingle and get the fun started.
  2.  Sky Lanterns they are the perfect finishing touch to the end of a beautiful wedding.
  3. Torn fabric strips, in your wedding colors of course. Hanging from trees or Sheppard’s hooks they greet your guest as they arrive at the wedding or use them to grace the back of the “Bride” & “Groom” chairs at the wedding reception.
  4. We love dessert tables. They give such variety and choice for your guest as well as adding to the décor of the reception.
  5.  A big trend in catering is local food trucks after all they are kitchens on wheels. Instead of hiring a carter hire a couple of your favorite gourmet food trucks. This works especially well if you are having an outdoor reception. Another way we’ve seen food trucks used is to pull up curbside to bid guests farewell with an end of the evening fun light bite to go. You could send them home with a gourmet hog dog, grilled cheese or ice cream sandwich. There are food trucks literally for every kind of food imaginable.
  6. Lighting creates the mood. Hang lights from branches on trees. Have a monogram made of your new initials and light it onto the dance floor.
  7. Have a custom wedding runner created and after the ceremony take it to the reception where you can have your guest sign it as a keepsake or frame the custom design and hang it on the wall of your first home.
  8. We love all kinds of garlands and buntings! They add a touch of color, style and whimsy to your wedding décor. They are cost efficient; regardless if you make them yourself or purchase them. We love how they can transform a large empty space into warm and inviting.
  9. A really fun twist on the guest book…hang or set out picture frames and have guests take each other’s  picture with an instant Polaroid camera, they are vintage but so much fun. You know the kind that gives you the picture instantly. Have your guests add their picture to the guest book and leave you with a special message. This is a keepsake you’ll cherish and look at often.
  10.  Prints are trend for 2013 and they’re a great way to put a signature on your wedding. This trend is moving away from plain solid fabrics. There is more of an opportunity to let your personality and personal style shine with prints.  Prints are being used for everything from table runners to bridesmaid’s dresses to custom ties for grooms and his party. You can be as bold as you want or as sweet and subtle as you like. There’s only one rule when using prints don’t go overboard with the matchy, matchy. You might want to consider putting your MOH in a print and your maids in complimentary colors that you pull out of the print.

Infusing your personality into your wedding to create signature elements is fun and in the end will reflect a look and feel that is all you and your fiancé.

Happy Wedding Planning.