To Juice or Not to Juice

We’re not sure if juicing is the beginning of a new trend or it’ll be another dietary fad but one thing’s for sure…we are loving the flavorful beverages coming from our maXtractor!

When we talk about juicing, we are not talking about cleanses or diets…we are talking about getting the best nutrients for your body in one glass. We know that an 8oz glass of OJ with your breakfast can provide 100% of your daily Vitamin C, 15% of your daily potassium, and nearly 35% of your daily calcium – that’s pretty good, but imagine a fruit and veggie concoction that is a delicious meal and filled with the nutrients from fruits and vegetables that you don’t enjoying eating typically. Sounds great, right?!

Below are our top fruits and vegetables we recommend for your homemade juices:

  1. Cabbage: We love cabbage and use it in a lot of our recipes – even our veggie cake because it’s packed with vitamin C and folate, and has a high water content.
  2. Blueberries: Not only are they delicious, but blueberries are packed with antioxidants to keep you heart healthy.
  3. Bananas:  We know that banana juice is not common in stores, but the benefits of bananas include magnesium and potassium, as well as vitamins C and B which help enhance your immunity.
  4. Kale: Kale is the newest vegetable trend around – while it’s packed with iron its bitter taste is often too much to handle for many.  After trying kale…you have to try it once right?!…and deciding you don’t like it, reach for spinach instead; spinach has many of the some nutritional benefits but a sweeter flavor.
  5. Celery: Most people prefer celery with their buffalo wings or with peanut butter but the truth is, celery is another great source of potassium for your body.
  6. Mango: Often called the “king of fruits,” mangoes offer so much value to your immune system because they are packed with vitamins and minerals.  Let’s not forget the flavor…mangoes have the most delicate and sweet flavor.
  7. Cantaloupe & Other Melons: Cantaloupe and other melons are known to help the digestive system.  Adding melon to your morning juice can be as beneficial as your morning coffee!

While we do have a few favorites for our juices, there is no need to write off any fruit or vegetable of choice.  Plus getting more into your system is always a good thing…although the fiber you receive from eating whole fruits and vegetables is essential and should also remain a part of your diet.

If you need some recipes to start your juicing processing, check out some of our spring and summer recipes.  But don’t forget…we want your feedback…do you love it or loathe it?