Kitchen Charm Cookware Helps Dallas Bride Shed Pounds

Kitchen Charm Cookware Helps Dallas Bride Shed Pounds

Dinner4Two Kitchen Charm Cookware Helps Dallas Bride Shed Pounds for Wedding

What girl doesn’t want to look stunning and her absolute best on her wedding day…not one single bride we know! Say hello to Lisa from Dallas, bride to be and happy owner of Kitchen Charm Cookware.  Lisa is no different, “I want to look stunning and cute on my wedding day.”

Lisa made a decision and started a transformation journey to loss weight and accomplish the goal of looking her possible best on her wedding day coming up in September 2016. What she didn’t know at the time is how Dinner4Two and Kitchen Charm cookware would play a big role in that transformation journey?

She and Paul attended a bridal show in February in Dallas, TX and received one of the Dinner4Two black and white polka dot bags with a cute mini spatula inside. Yep, those mini spatulas are a fantastic little kitchen tool and Lisa loves hers!

They were excited to attend the Dinner4Two culinary demonstration showing them how to cook healthy food without grease and shorten the time spent in the kitchen after a long day at work. Lisa adds, “the bonus was we were going to get to taste everything that was being cooked. I never knew chicken could be so moist and full of flavor.”

Dinner4Two Chicken Thighs Browned Kitchen Charm cookware

After the culinary demonstration both Lisa and Paul were impressed with the Kitchen Charm cookware cooking system and they decided to dip their toes and purchase the 6 piece essential set of Kitchen Charm cookware. Lisa says, “I knew this would be the start to taking action regarding my transformation journey for the wedding and give me the best possible opportunity to reach my goal, look cute and spend less time in the kitchen at the end of a long work day.”

To increase Lisa’s success she enlisted the help of a nutritionist. She really liked the direction the nutritionist was taking Lisa in. One of the biggest changes the nutritionist suggested to ensure Lisa’s success was to cook 4-5 days worth of meals at one time so Lisa would have meals ready to grab and go. Lisa quickly realized she needed a larger piece of Kitchen Charm cookware to accomplish making 4-5 meals at a time. She purchased the 14” Paella pan to help her accomplish this goal.

Lisa says, “before I owned the Kitchen Charm cookware I didn’t cook much at home especially chicken, it would always turn out dry and less than desirable. I was totally impressed with how the cookware cooks the chicken and gives me more flavor especially using fresh veggies. Using Kitchen Charm cookware I would be able to accomplish both my goals and the timing was perfect. I wanted to try the cookware and I’ve already lost 12 lbs in three weeks.”

Over the upcoming months we’ll be checking in with Lisa and updating you on what she’s cooking and how she’s doing with accomplishing her transformation goals for the wedding.

Congrats Lisa and Paul. Happy wedding planning, Life is Delicious!