Red Velvet Cake Balls


Red Velvet Christmas Cake Balls

Red Velvet Cake Balls

One of the best things about the holiday baking season in our opinion is the free hall pass to indulge in gorgeous, elaborate, over-the-top yummy decadent desserts. Our red velvet cake balls fit that description and are deceptively easy to make. When it comes to dressing up your holiday dinner table a fancy dessert that’s delicious and has the ooh and ahh effect on your guests is of course at the top of our list. These red velvet cake balls will deliver the perfect sweet bite at the end of your holiday meal.

These little beauties can be made a couple of days ahead of time or a few weeks ahead and then frozen to serve later…and just maybe we have pulled them out of the freezer and eaten a couple of them frozen; just maybe we have done that…we just couldn’t wait for them to thaw. When it’s all said and done you should even have enough left over to share as a neighbor gift.


  • 1 box Red Velvet Cake Mix (make according to directions on box)
  • 1 can Chocolate Fudge frosting
  • White icing for decorating
  • Green icing for decorating
  • Glitzy sprinkles for decorating
  • Chocolate Ghirardelli melting waffers


Bake the cake in 10.5 Kitchen Charm skillet. Spray Pam on all sides of skillet. Pour cake batter in skillet. Put lid on with Redy-cook valve closed. Cook on medium heat for 5 minutes. Then lower the heat to medium low. Cook for 13 minutes. To remove the cake from skillet; remove lid, place a plate over skillet and turn it upside down so cake with fall out of skillet. Cool completely.

Crumble cake into a large bowl. Mix in chocolate frosting stirring gently.  Make into 1” balls and place on baking sheet; put in freezer for 1 hour.

Melt Ghirardelli chocolate melting waffers according to package directions. Drop frozen cake balls in chocolate and coat with a spoon. To remove from dipping chocolate use a fork and tap fork on side of chocolate container to remove andy extra chocolate. Place on wax paper to set up. To help the cake balls set up put them in the fridge.

Decorate with icing and sprinkles. To achieve our look place half the jar of white frosting in a bowl and add green food coloring, mix well. Put the red food coloring in the remaining container of white frosting. Side Note: Here we used a whole little container of red food coloring to achieve the rich red we wanted.

In 2 separate baggies put the red & green frosting; snip off one of the corners and drizzle over cake balls. Add glitzy sprinkles and you have beautiful cake balls for the holidays!

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