White Chocolate Maple Leaf Cookies

White Chocolate Maple Leaf cookies
White Chocolate Maple Leaf cookies

July 1st is Canada Day and our friends north of the border have a lot to celebrate when it comes to their culinary accolades. What are some of the culinary delights that come to your mind when you think Canada? Top on my list is that rich, sweet amber colored syrup that gives many a dish that little extra kick of sweet flavor… pure maple syrup.
Happy Canada Day

How about poutine…Canadians thrive on this dish and they should they invented it. I have to say it is comfort food at its best! French fries smothered in brown gravy and topped with cheese curds…who doesn’t want to curl up to a plate of that…No one we know! There’re as many variations as the mind can conjure up; like topping it with pull pork or the decadent flavor of maple bacon, now that’s a duo of epic proportion. Our list of add-ons could go on forever. But one thing is for sure Canadians love maple syrup and so do we.
White Chocolate Maple Leaf cookies

To celebrate Canada Day we created these white chocolate maple leaf cookies. They’re the perfect treat to set out in honor of the day’s celebration. They’re super fast to make and will wow the socks off those who lay eyes upon them and sink their teeth into them.
Here’s what you’ll need to create our white chocolate maple leaf cookies.
•1 package store bought maple flavored maple leaf cookies – we picked ours up at Cost Plus WorldMarket in the international food section.
•1 Package Ghirardelli white melting wafers – We picked these up at Walmart in the baking isle. This is our favorite chocolate to work with.
•1 container of red food coloring – pick this up at your local hobby store in the cake decorating isle.
•Wax paper
In a double boiler follow the directions on the package for melting your white chocolate wafers down to a smooth creamy consistency. Big caution here…do not let any water get into your chocolate as you will ruin your chocolate; It will seize up, meaning it will no longer be smooth and creamy and will be less likely to adhere to the item you’re dipping in the chocolate.
Holding the bottom of the maple leaf stem with your fingers, dip the cookie in the white chocolate, shake of the excess and place on wax paper and wait for chocolate to set up. This happens fairly quickly.
With your left over white chocolate add a few drops of the red food coloring stirring to mix well. Continue adding coloring until you achieve the red color you desire.

Happy Canada Day, Life is Delicious!