2015 Grand Prize Hawaiian Honeymoon Winners


2015 Grand Prize Hawaiian Honeymoon Winners Dinner4Two

2015 Grand Prize Hawaiian Honeymoon Winners

Who doesn’t love the idea of your toes in the water, your butt in the sand, palm trees blowin, a drink in your hand and a place where your skin is kissed by the sun?

We’re excited to announce Vicki and Dan from Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin are the lucky 2015 grand prize Hawaiian honeymoon winners from Dinner4Two. Aloha and pack your bags Vicki and Dan you’re going to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands of, Maui and the peaceful garden isle of Kauai.  The couple will spend 3 nights in the luxurious accommodations of the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa and the serene and posh Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and spa. The prize also includes round trip airfare for two and $1000.00 cash spending money. Vicki stated, “we enjoyed the cooking demonstration; when I filled out the card for the honeymoon drawing I never ever dreamed WE would be the WINNERS of the 2015 grand prize Hawaiian honeymoon sweepstakes. Thanks so much Dinner4Two!”

Our activity couple is outdoor enthusiast. They love spending time at the lake, jet skiing, watering skiing, wake boarding and hangin out with family.

Vicki shared the cutest story with us of how she and Dan met…She was 17 and Dan was 18; it was summer break, can you see where this is going, budding summer romance at the lake? She was at her family’s lake house and across the lake was Dan hangin out with his dad fishing at his grandparent’s lake house. Vicki, says, “he was always fishing.” One day while on her jet ski she headed over to check out the cute guy across the lake who was always fishing and asked if he wanted a ride on her jet ski, (great pick up line we thought) Well…all Vicki heard was no. Vicki thought Dan had said no, when actually it was Dan’s dad. Sad and rejected this boy had turned her down for a ride on her fun Jet Ski she returned to her side of the lake and promptly told her dad. Vicki then headed back out on the lake to splash off the sadness of Dan’s rejection.

Being a wonderful dad who didn’t want his sweet daughter’s heart to be broken or sad; he jumped in the family ski boat and ran across the lake to speak with this boy and his dad. But a funny thing happened…the cute boy explained to Vicki’s dad he wanted to say yes, but she sped off to fast not giving him a chance to answer with a yes. Dad being a great dad had Dan jump in the boat and they headed off across the lake to find Vicki so she and Dan could spend time on the lake that day jet skiing. That summer was full of romance and Vicki and Dan got engaged June 7, 2013.

They will celebrate becoming Mr & MRS on June 11th this year. They’re planning an outdoor reception at the country club with 300 of their friends and family. Vicki is having her maids wear strapless light purple dresses and she adds, “Her five maids really love their dresses.”  Her bouquet is going to be filled with delicate orchids and white roses. Their cake will be decorated with fresh flowers and have butter crème frosting, chocolate filling with yellow cake.

Vicki is finishing up her last semester of medical school and will graduate the end of May and add MD to the end of her name. But the title she’s most excited about adding to her name is MRS. They’re sneaking  in the wedding and moving to a new city between graduation and the beginning of her medical residency July 1.

They look forward to taking their honeymoon in January and getting a much needed break from Old Man Winter and the stress of being a first year medical resident. “The idea of just relaxing and spending time together, just the two of us on the beach beneath the palm trees with a warm tropical breeze, is so appealing,” states Vicki. Aloha, Vicki and Dan.

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