Happy Valentine’s Day

Dinner4Two has a unique idea for this year’s Valentine’s Day!  Let’s ignore the hearts and keep it a romantic winter theme!

Our Valentine’s Day Dinner4Two setting has an unconventional placemat with stenciled snowflakes.  Doesn’t it look PERFECT on our chocolate colored dining room table?  Next, because it’s Valentine’s Day we had to have some red accents so we decided a red napkin would look fabulous.  And how about those polka-dots?  Doesn’t it just look like Dinner4Two?  The napkins will look fantastic with your black and white polka dot Dinner4Two aprons!

Now, you can pick any table setting you love, but we just cannot get enough of Kitchen Charm’s Metro White place setting.

The final step is to create the magnificent Dinner4Two Valentine’s Day dishes we’ve shared! We hope you 2 have a terrific Valentine’s Day!

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  1. I love dinner4two. The colors are awesome.And the people are awesome . They do exactly what they say they will.The gifts are fantastic and you get exactly what gifts they say you will get without any hassles .

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