DIY Giant Wedding Balloons

DIY Giant Wedding Balloons

DIY Giant Wedding Balloons

Have you noticed all the beautiful giant wedding balloon pictures on Pinterest? We have and we love them! We’re not talking about those tacky balloon arches and silly balloon pillars or even the balloons you remember from high school prom. Nope, these are fun and fresh with a DIY twist that you can really put your signature on.

The giant wedding balloons we’re talking about make a statement and are showing up everywhere. They add a lot of visual appeal to wedding décor; not to mention an element of sweet whimsy. These large round balloons are decorated with everything from tassels, fringe and ribbons and they add just the right amount of pizzazz. They’re even making appearances at the most elegant and formal of weddings.

We love the versatility of these giant wedding balloons. Whether you bunch them together or use a single balloon they are a great way to infuse your wedding colors into the décor.

Here are 8 of our favorite ways you can incorporate these giant balloons into your wedding and décor.

  1. Include them in your engagement pictures.
  2. Include them in your wedding pictures with your wedding party.
  3. We think this one is really sweet…have your flower girl tote a bunch down the aisle.
  4. Use them as pew markers
  5. At an outdoor wedding, use them to create space definition for your ceremony. Attach them to the chairs at the end of the row on the outside.
  6. Use them to get attention and give direction to your various event locations: ceremony, reception, ETC
  7. Use them on your reception tables
  8. When you’re ready to leave the reception give everyone a balloon to let go as your big send off.

We also wanted to share the blog, Wedding Chicks with you; they show how to make those fairytale wedding tassels and fringe. Here are a few additional links for balloons and ribbons. Try Silver Starfish Design for balloons and for 100-Yard Rolls of Ribbon try Exclusively Weddings – 24 Color Choices for Satin and 9 for Sheer Organza.

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