Wedding Dessert Bar Ideas

PicMonkey Collage Dessert blogCutting the cake…Do you love the idea of the tradition for the photo op; but want something different because it’s just not your style. If you want your guests to be noshing on something that reflects your personal style then by all means…DO IT!

This is one time you can have your cake and eat it too. Get a small cutting cake for the camera and then the sky’s the limit; set up whatever you like for your guests enjoyment.

Dessert buffets are becoming more and more popular and even a staple on the weddings scene. Quite frankly …we Love them!  It’s like finger food heaven with all of the different options. Work with your caterer and be creative.

Here are a few of our favorite ideas to get you inspired

  1. We love the variety and color of coordinated candy bars with all the different candies available.
  2.  What about an ice cream sundae bar? You could begin with artisanal flavored ice creams and coordinate unique mix ins such as, black cherry chunk ice cream topped with bacon peanut brittle. Oh my yum!
  3. Try a sweet mini pie bar. Make your pie bar a conversation starter by asking each member of your wedding party what their favorite pie is and then label each pie according to the wedding party. Make it extra fun by using their nick names.
  4. Theme your dessert table. Maybe you and your fiancé’s first date was a baseball game…do a take me out to the ball game dessert table with flavored popcorn, gourmet nuts, ice cream sandwiches, and Cracker Jacks. Is your reception vintage inspired?
  5. Try a float bar. Include these soft drinks, root beer, Coke, grape and orange crush, just add vanilla ice cream and oh what a sweet creamy treat. This is also the perfect wedding favor to say farewell to your guests as they part for the drive home.
  6. S’mores…What can we say about this quintessential campfire treat. Recreate little individual campfires by using clay flower pots. Not only is this too much fun… but you’ve just created fun little conversation centers.
  7. Playful mini desserts shots. Who can resist something as adorable and cute as a mini treat? We even give ourselves permission to celebrate with more than one. We love that!
  8. Put it on a stick…again let your imagination take you to the moon with this one. Strawberries, blueberries, brownies, Rice Crispy treats skillfully layered on a skewer and drizzled with chocolate is just one of thousand combinations you choose from.

Have fun with this and enjoy every delicious minute of the planning!