Grooms Attire for The Wedding, Tux vs Suit


Grooms Attire for The Wedding…Tux vs Suit

What will your Groom and groomsmen be wearing as they walk down the aisle…A tux or a Suit?

If I could change one thing and it would be the only thing I would change about my wedding…would be to agree to my fiancé wearing a suit instead of a tux. We were married in the morning and had a wonderful intimate small alpine garden reception with a beautiful sit down meal. About half way through the meal my new hubby excused himself and upon his return he had changed into his new suit. He still looked incredibly handsome; but what followed was curious…he visible enjoyed himself more! I apologized later and to this day he stills jokes about it.

Some weddings simply are meant for a tux. The more formal the environment the more appropriate it is to sport The Tux. Let’s face it who doesn’t love the look of James Bond sitting at the casino table across from his arch nemesis tossing poker chips looking so handsome in his tux. He could be sweating buckets but still looks stunning because of The Tux.

Today’s weddings are all about The Bride and Groom’s preferences. There’re very few rules and when it comes to attire it really is a reflection of your personality and the tone you want to set. Be it a dark suit, beachy linen pants with a care free shirt or jeans with cowboy boots and a hat. The only real rule is to be mindful of the day, the commitment you are making to each other and make sure your wardrobe choices don’t distract from the two of you.