Will You Be My Groomsmen?

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Will You Be My Groomsmen?

Will You Be My Groomsmen?

Your lady can’t stop smiling because of the shiny rock you put on her finger. Now it’s time to ask your best buds the big question…Will you be my groomsman?  When it comes to your buds and asking them to be a part of your big day why let your bride have all the fun? You can be as unique and creative as your bride to be. You want to make sure your best friends feel important and special. Don’t forget they’ll be the ones planning your bachelor party, standing next to you at the altar and giving you that extra courage on the big day!

Our handpicked collection of unique and manly ideas will set the stage for that honored spot as one of your groomsmen and make them feel important and special when you do the big revel and ask them the quesstion…Will you be my groomsmen?

Here are some gift ideas we thought rose to the occasion. We hope they get your creative ideas flowing.

  1. Cards: If you’re not big on going all out, cards are a great option.  Check out these creative and clever cards that are found on Etsy!  Personalize each card by writing a sweet message inside, and you’re all set.
  2. Beer & Fun Favors: What guy doesn’t like beer? Here’s a fun and personal way for a groom to pop the question to his buddies. First buy your favorite beer and soak off the labels. Create your own personalized beer labels at MyOwnLabels.com that say “Will You Be My Groomsman?” Order some matching collar labels with each friend’s name as well. Invite them to a barbeque or a boy’s night out and give them each their own six pack of their favorite beer personalized just for them. With a gift like that they will surely be blown away and excited to be a part of your special day. Helpful Links: Oval Beer Labels, Collar Labels, 6-Pack Bottle Carriers
  3. Accessories: Are another great idea to give your guys something they can wear on the day of the wedding.   We love these groomsman cufflinks found on Etsy!  Wrap them in a little box with a message asking, “Will you be my groomsman?” and we promise they won’t say no!
  4. Our forth and favorite is to create a groomsmen cigar box. Angela from Saffron Avenue created these fab boxes for her special man to give to his gents to ask, Will You Be My Groomsmen?

First she stained the unfinished cigar boxes and then hand-painted each of their names on it. Inside she included a short note about the wedding details, a small bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey, and 2 cigars for celebration. Each box cost around $10 to make. She said, “it was well worth it and I would recommend it to anyone. Not only was it neat to see each of their reactions but made it more special for them to be a part of our wedding. You could even have more fun with it and include something personal for each guy. I guarantee the groomsmen will love it!”

Materials used: Unfinished Cigar Box, Dark Wood Stain, Crinkle Paper, White Paint (for the names) Cigars, small single serving bottle of whiskey,  Note about the wedding