Hard Over Baked Cookies

Over baked cookies

Kitchen trick for hard over baked cookies

What does a piece of bread and hard over baked cookies have in common?

Here’s a kitchen trick for those who have over baked their cookies, you know who you are…it’s all of us. You know all those cookies you have tossed out because they turned out hard as rocks and you thought to yourself…I’m not letting anyone eat these?

We tried this kitchen trick out first to see if it was a kitchen myth or real advice. It turns out it takes those hard over baked cookies from hard as bricks to soft and chewy delightful goodness! Here’s the trick…it’s so simple and you probably won’t believe it, but it’s really works!!

Put a slice of fresh bread in an air tight container with your cookies and let it sit for 24 hours…your cookies will be resurrected from being tossed in with the heap of the trash, to the top of I’m proud to share these chart.

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