DIY Outdoor Wedding Reception Beverage Station

DIY Outdoor Wedding REception Beverage Station


Outdoor wedding reception beverage station vintage truck

When it comes to DIY and budgeting we have found an amazing solution to cutting cost and saving some of your budget dollars with the serve yourself DIY wedding beverage stations. The creative genius of some people is outstanding and we thought today we would share with you some of those ideas. When you tie in your wedding colors and your wedding theme you have the maximum wow-factor. They range from vintage and rustic, simple and sweet to elegant.

Outdoor Wedding Reception Beverage Station Sangria

We love the entire idea of the serve yourself beverage station for a few reason, there’s unlimited décor choices to match your theme as well as the freedom to choose exactly what you want to serve without the burden of the pricey hosted bar with a bartender. They can be as simple as bottled beer and wine coolers alongside soft drinks or a fun and festive sangria bar. You could offer a cocktail menu of you and your fiancés favorite drinks; provide the recipes and let your guests have fun being the mixologist. You could even do a couple of beverage stations. We also love that they become a conversation station where your friends, family and guests can gather to engage and discuss what they’re creating and share in all the festivities of your wedding.

What make these beverage stations stand out is the ingenious way they’re put together and the creative décor items that are used. As you look at these amazing creations let your DIY creative juices cut loose to visualize your DIY wedding beverage station for your special day.

Here’s a simple trick to keep your beverages super cold and one professional caters use to keep iced items super cool…put salt in with your ice. We’re not sure why this works…we only know it does!

Outdoor Wedding Reception Beverage Station Claw Foot Tub

















For the vintage or shabby chic drink stations try a vintage claw foot bath tub or a piece of antique furniture or desk purchased at a thrift store you repurposed with your wedding colors.

For a nautical theme or rustic barn theme that sits near a pond, borrow an old boat or a canoe and fill it with tons of ice and all your beverages.

Outdoor Wedding Reception Beverage Station Boat

Next you have the quintessential vintage truck. This one oozes ambience and the sweetness of an era gone by. This one lends it’s self to the retro theme as well as a barn or vintage themed wedding.

Outdoor Wedding Reception Beverage Station Modern Desk

Are you the girl who wants something a little more modern and completely color coordinated to go with your wedding colors? How about buying an inexpensive desk and matching shelving unit? Just paint it or stencil it to match your wedding colors. Pull out the drawers to put napkins, stirrers and straws in. Now you have just created your own style of DIY beverage station for your wedding!

Outdoor Wedding Rreception Beverage Station Western Wagon

Is your wedding theme a western? Are you getting married on a ranch in Montana or Wyoming? Try using a wagon for your beverage station. If the wagon is to big add a few hay bales and some large round metal tubs filled with ice and your beverages.

Outdoor Wedding Beverage Station Ladder

This Last idea is simply genius! Convert an everyday ladder into a great DIY wedding beverage station! One ladder may be enough to hold all the beverages for a smaller wedding reception; you may want to incorporate 2 ladders for more guests. To incorporate this into your wedding colors choose wooden ladders you can easily paint. Metal ladders will work as well; you’ll just need to pick up paint specifically for metal. Create decorations to tie onto your ladders like a bunting which you could attach between the two ladders to join them together.

We hope we have helped your creative juices to get flowing and consider all the possibilities! Share you pictures with us on Facebook. We’d love to see them!

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