Festive Acorn Treats

Thanksgiving Acorn Treats


Look at these yummy and adorable acorns. They’re perfect for a fall party treat or a Thanksgiving Day snack.

The big acorns are made from donut holes! All you need is melting chocolate, your preference of chopped nuts (we used pecans) and pretzel sticks. Melt the chocolate according to the directions. Dip your donut in the chocolate, roll in chopped nuts and top with a pretzel stick.

The cute little acorns are made from Hershey’s Kisses, mini NutterButter cookies, chocolate frosting and mini chocolate chips. To assemble these little darlings put a small amount of chocolate frosting on the Nutter Butter and adhere the Hershey’s Kiss. Then take a mini chocolate chip put a little dab of the chocolate frosting on it and adhere to the opposite side of the NutterButter.

These fun treats are sure to catch your guests eye!