How to Cook Fresh Summer Corn



Fresh corn on the cob

How To Cook Fresh Summer Sweet Corn

One of summer’s delights is fresh sweet corn on the cob. We are seeing this yummy veggie showing up in grocery stores now. Our favorites are the tender white corn or the bright yellow sweet corn. Sweet Corn on the cob is one of those summertime must haves at any backyard barbecue.

Here’s a couple corn picking secrets that everyone should have in their bag of tricks before they head to the grocery store or farmers market…If the corn is camouflaged in its husk peal back a small portion to examine the kernels. They should be packed tightly together with no gaps, uniform in size and in rows. Gaps between rows mean the corn is over mature and has lost some of its moisture and sweetness.

Signature Chef Jorge Lopez shares with us how to cook fresh summer corn on the cob and two fun recipes for corn on the cob. Watch this video to learn how to make the perfect corn on the cob. It’s so easy!

Corn is an excellent source of Niacin which is one of the 20 essentials needed for daily health, it also helps prevent cardiovascular disease. But what makes corn a summer favorite for noshing on is its sugar content. It contains 5-6% sugar. When cooking corn the minimum moisture way in Kitchen Charm cookware you maintain all that yummy sweetness and your essential nutrients…bonus!


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