Easy Barbecue Pulled pork sliders


Barbecue Pulled Pork sliders





















Whether you’re celebrating The 4th of July or Canada Day two things are for sure…they both are almost here and summer is in full swing!

If you are looking for something easy to have on hand to take to a picnic, backyard barbecue, or just need a dish that’s easy to transport to a tailgate party for watching the fireworks, Dinner4Two has you covered with our Easy Pulled Pork Barbecue Sliders.

Our Pulled Pork Barbecue is super easy to make ahead of time and will please even the pickiest of palettes. The King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls add that little something extra in each bite that will have your family and guests waiting in line for more. The pork is fork-tender and the flavor is full and absolutely delicious. You can even add a little southern charm to the sliders by topping with your favorite coleslaw.

A few other reasons we love this recipe…it freezes really well and is just as delicious as leftovers as it was the day it was made.

Every time we show up with these yummy barbecue sliders to a large gathering they are the first to disappear…We promise they’ll disappear from your table too!

Enjoy the Day Off, Celebrate and Have Fun!

Easy Pulled Pork Barbecue Sliders

  • 1 6-8lb Boston butt Pork roast
  • 1/3  C Worchester sauce
  • 4 large garlic cloves slivered
  • 2 packages King’s Hawaiian Sweet rolls
  • ¼  bottle sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce, original

The Rub

  • 1 TBL Smoky Paprika
  • ¼ Cup dark brown sugar
  • 1  tsp coarse kosher salt
  • 1 tsp ground black pepper

Make rub by combining smoky paprika, brown sugar, salt and pepper. Mix with a fork. Set aside.  Slice garlic into 10-12 slivers. Cut slits in pork roast and insert garlic slivers. Pat rub mixture on Pork roast. Add pork roast to 4 Qt pan. Add remaining rub on top of roast. Pour Worchester sauce over pork roast.

Place 4Qt on slow cooker base, cover with Redy-cook valve closed. Cook on high for 1hr then reduce to medium, #3 for 3-4 hrs or cook on #2 for 6-7hrs. You can also cook this stove top with the Redy-cook valve closed for 4 hours on medium low. You know it’s done when you can easily shred the meat. Completely shred by pulling it apart with two forks. Let shredded pork sit in the juice for 5 -10 minutes to let it absorb all the yummy juices.

If you used a bone in roast remove it and any fat that may remain. Add Sweet Baby Rays Barbecue sauce and stir. You may decide to add more Sweet Baby Ray’s, it’s all up to you; you’re the chef.

Cut rolls in half and pile on the pork. You can add Cole slaw if you would like some crunch, additional flavor and a little Southern charm.