Honeymoon Wedding Registry


Honeymoon Wedding Registry

Let’s talk honeymoons…Were not talking about what to pack or even where to go…we’re talking about an awesome new kind of registry…the Honeymoon Wedding Registry.

Who wouldn’t love to get their honeymoon paid for! Honeymoon Wishes has the best honeymoon wedding registry we know of; not to mention they have been around the longest and are the biggest in the world. They have made registering a pure delight.

You can literally register for anything your heart desires! You decide and add it to your registry; from your hotel, airfare, romantic candlelight Dinner4Two on the beach, champagne and chocolate covered strawberries upon arrival, couples massage to swimming with dolphins, you can even register for spending money!

A few of the other benefits of having your own personal honeymoon wedding registry:

  1. People tend to spend more money on the gift…bonus! It’s a simple fact the average gift amount spent on honeymoon wedding registry gifts is $75.00.
  2. It’s easy for your guests who have run out of time to purchase a gift for you. They simply log onto your honeymoon registry and purchase. There’s no mailing of the gift and no wait time to receive it. An announcement email card is sent; now they feel good about attending the wedding because they got you a gift.
  3. If you end up with more money than you have registered items for the cash is given to you…another bonus!
  4. You don’t have any unwanted gifts, another bonus.
  5. They give you announcements and personalized emails you can send out and add to your wedding invitations.
  6. Let’s face it in this busy go, go day and time we live in it seems everyone is all about the online shopping.

In 5 easy steps your honeymoon wedding registry is set up!  Enjoy

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  1. Wondering if you will be in the Detroit, Michigan area anytime soon my fiance and I Would like to attend the dinner for two.

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