Classic Love Songs

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Classic Love Songs

Classic Love Songs

Things are heating up; nothing sets the stage for a romantic rendezvous quicker and better than a love song on Valentine’s Day. Love songs cross all genres of music from classic country, pop, R & B, even stretching all the way to opera. Love songs create that warm feeling that everyone wants to be a part of.

Love songs give us permission to join in and feel a part of a couple’s first dance at a wedding reception without feeling like a creepy stalker. They take us back to our first summer of love and our first kiss. Let’s face it all of us have associated a love song with deep feelings at some point in our life’s; whether it was last week or when we were young and could only imagine what love might feel like. Love songs are powerful and create vivid images, feelings and memories that bring us right back in time to the very spot when we first associated the song with one of our life events.

We did some researdh and in celebration of Valentine’s Day we have put together a list of the top 20 classic love songs you go wrong with.  These tunes cover the past seven decades. It’s sonic proof that while musical fads and fashions will change with every generation, love — and the songs inspired by it — will never go out of style.

Top 20 Classic Love Songs

  1. The Power of Love                                       Celine Dion
  2. The Way You Look Tonight                       Tony Dennett
  3. When I Fall in Love                                     Nat King Cole
  4. Can you Feel the Love Tonight                 Elton John
  5. Eternal Flame                                               The Bangles
  6. At Last                                                            Eta James
  7. I Can’t help Falling in Love with You      Elvis Presley
  8. I Do                                                                 Westlife
  9. This I Promise You                                      NSYNC
  10. I Do (Cherish You)                                      98 Degrees
  11. You Are So Beautiful                                  Joe Cocker
  12. The Power of Love                                      Luther Vandross
  13. I want to Know What Love is                   Foreigner
  14. All My Love                                                  K-Ci & Jojo
  15. More Than Words                                      Extreme
  16. One in a Million                                          Bosson
  17. Only You                                                       Ashanti
  18. Have I told you Lately?                             Rod Stewart
  19. When a Man Loves a women                  Percy Sledge
  20. Kiss From a Rose                                       Seal