DIY Wedding Dog Collar

DIY wedding dog collar
DIY Wedding Dog Collar

DIY Wedding Dog Collar

If you are a DIYer and your dog is walking down the aisle at your wedding you’re going to love these pouch perfect ideas to complete your wedding party ensemble with your furry child leading the way.

  1. Our number one favorite idea for a well dressed furry member of the wedding party is to adorn their neck with a floral wreath. You can either go with fresh flowers from your wedding or you can use silk ones. Just keep in mind silk ones are going to be more durable.
  2. DIY dressed up dogs for weddings
    DIY dressed up dogs for wedding
  3. Our next pup fav is to wrap a collar with a coordinating ribbon or make a sleeve to run their collar through from fabric that complements your wedding colors. You may even want to add a bow for extra panache.  Watch how they steal the show as they walk down the aisle.
  4. Third on our list of favorite wedding attire for our furry pals is the faux glam look of a pearl collar. This is simply an adorable and elegant touch; especially if you are donning pearls yourself. You can find faux pearl beads just about anywhere. All you have to do is string them on a ribbon and tie a bow. We like Satin ribbon; we think it works and looks the best.
  5. If your furry baby is more of a fashionista princess then you want her to have some bling as she struts her stuff down the aisle. You can achieve this look by attaching large crystals to a dog collar or a combination of pearls and crystals. Be creative with this one and have fun.
  6. For the bow wow cute and adorable factor you can pick up a clip on tie or bow tie in the children’s section of the nearest department store. Just clip this on their collar. If Fido is part of the groomsmen’s party then by all means coordinate with their look and color.
  7.  If your wedding is a black tie formal event you may want the same coordinated look for your furry groomsmen or bridesmaid.  Consider a doggie tux for fido and for Fifi a veil or white tulle tutu. You can find these formal wedding looks at your local pet store or online.

One last thing…don’t forget the leash for whoever is walking your beloved furry child down the aisle. Even the best behaved pooch with the highest pedigree can forget his manners. You want to make sure they are part of the excitement for the day for the right reasons and not running away to chase their favorite animal.

No matter how you dress your furry child to walk down the aisle you can be sure they will command the attention of your guests and set the stage for your big entrance. We love our pets, they truly are our furry children and some of us wouldn’t consider excluding them for our special day.