To Snuggle or Not to Snuggle?

To Snuggle or Not to Snuggle?
To Snuggle or Not to Snuggle?

To snuggle or Not to Snuggle
To snuggle or not to snuggle while sleeping, which do you prefer? Are you the one who always insists on spooning while sleeping? Do you have an insatiable need to touch in some way while sleeping; even if it’s only your pinky toe touching your partner? Or are you the lone ranger when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep? Is there an invisible line drawn down the middle of the bed that spells out clearly which side of the bed is yours and which side is your partners?

Listen to what Professor Richard Wiseman, University of Hertfordshire psychologist discovered in a recent study of 1000 couples and their sleeping positions or as we like to call it the snuggle factor. He found 94 percent of couples who had some kind of physically contact while sleeping were much happier in their relationships, even if they were only touching their pinky finger to their partner.

In fact, the more space between bodies, the less blissful the relationship. Yet only 68 percent of couples who had no contact while sleeping said they had that lovin feelin for their partner. The study additional found the strongest warm and fuzzy feelings came from couples who slept less than an inch apart; more than 30 inches apart spelled bad news. Think about this…spooning may be a byproduct of contentment rather than the reason for it.

In addition the survey revealed the most popular sleep position of couples, with 42 percent sleeping lying back to back. While 31 percent slept facing the same direction, 4 percent slept facing each other and 12 percent spent the night less than an inch apart.
Here’s some other fun facts from the study…Out-going extroverts tended to spend the night close to their partners, and more creative individuals were more likely to sleep on their left hand side. People who sleep in the “semi-fetal” position, with their knees drawn up are peacemaking, willing to compromise, and less likely to take extreme stances. People who sleep in the royal position, flat on their back tend to be confident, open, expansive, and sensation-seeking.

To answer the question to snuggle or not snuggle…we think the answer is clear, snuggle for that lovin feelin in your relationship.
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