Congrats to our 2013 Dream Honeymoon Winners!

2013 Dream Honeymoon Winners

Congrats to our 2013 Paris honeymoon grand prize winners, Keyshia Landry and Louis-Philippe Dionne

Who would have thought a night playing bingo could turn into happily ever after? That is exactly what happened for Keyshia and her prince charming, Louis. She was playing bingo got bored and decided to check out what was going on at the bar downstairs. After surveying the room she discovered a friend hanging with a really cute guy. She sashayed over to her friend put her arm around Louis and said, “you are cute, I’d make you mine,” and 4 years later they are engaged and planning their wedding.

 Louis proposed on News Years eve. It was not your usual proposal. Both Keyshia and Louis had the flu. He woke her up at midnight popped the question, put a ring on her finger and they both fell back asleep. The next morning when she woke up Keyshia screamed at seeing the ring on her finger and wondering where it had come from and how it had gotten on her finger.  She had no recollection from the midnight proposal from the night before, but she was excited!

Talk about putting your signature on your wedding! Keyshia loves Halloween and they are having a Halloween themed wedding on Halloween eve. This bride loves Halloween, it’s her favorite holiday. She is walking down the isle in a white dress with black accents and for the reception she’s changing to a black and orange ball gown. Her maids are wearing black dresses with an orange sash. The groomsmen will be wearing Vera Wang black tuxes with oranges vests and tie of course. You gotta love this signature detail…Their signature cocktail is Swamp water. Before you turn your nose up look at what’s inside… Peach schnapps, orange juice, blue bolls. Keyshia exclaimed, “It turns a toxic green, it’s so cool.”

Louis is French and from Montreal and has been to Paris several times. Both the bride to be and her groom to be, want to go someplace warm with a beach for their honeymoon. It’s cold at their house most of the year; they’re from New Brunswick, Canada. These two love birds have chosen to go some place different than Paris. They’re going to Hawaii!

Keyshia is a self professed bakeaholic! She loves to cook and bake. She loves her Dinner4Two cookware and bake ware. She and Louis got the 7 piece set. Her favorite piece is the 10.5″ skillet, ” I cook everything in that pan, It’s my main go to pan.”

This sweet bride has a servant’s heart. Keyshia is always making mini pies; cherry, apple and taking them to the shelters, Harvest House and House of Nazareth. She has also been known to make 150 cake pops to take to the shelter as well.

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