Local Craft Beer for Wedding Beverages

Local Craft Beer for Weddings
Local Craft Beer for Weddings

What’s on your list of wedding sips to serve your guests? Just as wedding colors, cakes and dress designs are affected by the latest fashions and trends, so are the selections of beverage offerings at weddings. Today they’re as much a signature detail as everything else. With the most recent trend of serving local craft beers for wedding beverages and barrel aged beer; whether your choice is bottles or on draft they’re one of the hottest trends in wedding beverages.

Fewer and fewer couples are opting for mass produced commercial beers. Craft beers are as unique as the wedding couple themselves. Each one has its own signature footprint of characteristics and flavor profiles. Providing your guests with a taste of the local craft beer fare and introducing them to a delightful new brew is often one of the highlights of their wedding experience with the added bonus of  knowing it’s one of your favorites.

Craft distillers are now looking into fresh seasonal beers. These beers are only brewed for a season or a few months out of the year to compliment the change of weather and sometimes specific holidays.

Having a beer on draft is an excellent alternative to bottles, especially considering the added level of freshness and the increasing availability of craft distilleries to provide this option for their craft and specialty beers.

Be sure to be thoughtful when considering the selection of your craft beer and the guests that will be attending, consider this…a hoppy beer such as IPA’s may not be the best choice for appealing to the broad base of guests tastes. A better choice is a Scottish or Amber Ale that will most likely widen the appeal to a broader audience with a much more pleasant demand.

Just like you and your fiancé have thoughtfully considered the time of year you wanted to host your wedding, equally consider the type of beer you choose based on the season and time of year you say your I do’s. Your craft beer choice should be as thoughtfully considered as well; beers are seasonally influenced…in warmer months consider pilsners and lagers to refresh your guests. In cooler months consider stouts and ales.

Signature craft beers are here to stay. With so many choices to choose from you are going to have a bunch of fun date nights taste testing trying to figure out which one will get the honored position to be a part of your wedding day.

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