We Love Ice Cube Trays for Preserving Fresh Herbs

We love Ice Cube Trays!

Preserving Fresh herbs by Dinner4Two

These tiny compartments of an ice cube tray are the perfect size for preserving fresh herbs for use latter. I don’t know about your herbs, but ours are bursting their pots and begging to be trimmed.

Herbs are one of the simplest things to preserve in the freezer.  When you add olive oil to the process you ensure your herbs will not fall prey to the ugly brown color of freezer burn and they maintain their fresh flavor and aroma.

Freezing herbs in ice cube trays

Have you ever had a recipe that called for a teaspoon of this fresh herb or that fresh herb? You spend the money for a teaspoon of fresh herbs and then you’re frustrated that you have almost a full bunch left over herbs and you think now that was expensive. Stop the grumbling, we have a solution…chop up the left over herbs add them to a few ice cube trays, fill the tray with olive oil for later use in your next recipe that calls for olive oil and that herb.

Preserving Fresh Herbs by Dinner4Two

Once your cubes are frozen, pop them from the tray into a resalable freezer bag for easy access the next time you need a tablespoon or two. You may want to measure what your tray holds, so you can use the right number of cubes in recipes.

We love using these infused cubes to sauté onions in or try a rosemary olive oil cube to flavor popcorn…simply yummy. We also use them to flavor winter stews, roasts, soups and pasta Dishes.

We promise you will find many uses for these little aromatic cubes of joy!

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  1. We had to cancel our order due to unforeseen circumstances. We were told regardless of the amount of money we had paid in on the payment plan at any time we could cancel!!!!
    We were also told that we would not receive the cash back, BUT WOULD RECEIVE a product from the culinary line valued at that amount. We paid in over $300
    It’s been 6 months and we have not received anything. I have made dozens of phone calls and left messages for the salesman at the show who I spoke with, but have received nothing!! Not even returned phone calls.
    My fiancé has contacted the Attorney General and filed a complaint. Hopefully YOU as a company will get this taken care of ASAP!!!!!!

  2. Mark,

    Let’s see if we can get you some help. The first thing I need to know is what city and state did you attend your culinary demonstration in? I apologize you haven’t received any return calls from the salesmen. I can assure you that is not how the corporate office runs! Now that you have our attention we will work with you to resolve this situation in a manner that will bring you and your fiancé some satisfaction.

    Please get me the city and state you attended your culinary demonstration in and we will get the ball rolling.

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