Reasons to Honeymoon in North America

Honeymoon Hot Spots

As part of our wedding Wednesdays we are going to focus on honeymoons every other Wednesday.  We are very excited about sharing fabulous honeymoon tips, planning tools, destination feature articles that uncover hidden treasures from off the beaten path that would make for the most romantic picnic at sunset; as well as the latest travel secrets, hot deals, rare finds and so much more!  We will have regular features with titles like how to have a champagne honeymoon on a wine spritzer budget and the sexiest bathrooms, just to name a couple of the features we have in mind for you.

We think planning your honeymoon should be the number one fun thing you and your fiancé do! This is when you and your fiancé really begin your life together as the New MR. & MRS. It is totally exciting to hear, for the first time the front desk clerk at the hotel address you both by Mr. & Mrs. Something about that moment, without saying a word you both smile and feel the warm emotion of knowing he chose you, and you chose him! And now…… you get to begin that journey by spending time relaxing and enjoying the newness of being the New Mr. & Mrs. the first time you write Mrs., will have the same effect. No one will notice, but inside that same warm smile will appear.

We are going to start our series with… Why honeymoon in North America. We feel there are truck loads of reason to consider destinations in North America. Here are our top 5.

  1.  For the most part English is the first language! We like that! It takes the guess work out of ordering breakfast from room service to eat on your private veranda that overlooks the beautiful blue ocean expecting to get toast with jelly, fresh fruit, coffee and orange juice only to get some kind of alien meat with jelly, a hardboiled egg and goodness knows what to drink!
  2.  So many more of us are on a tighter budget, with the state of the economy it only makes sense to consider destinations that you might be able to drive to or use Southwest Airlines or West Jet. We love the ding specials on Southwest, the 2 free bags and with West Jet we love that they give 1 bag free and on some flights it’s 2. With other airlines charging $25.00 -$35.00 dollars per bag that adds up to dinner and extra drinks!
  3.  You can get to any destination for the most part within 3 – 6 hours flying time. So when you are dying and I mean dying to get some romantic alone time between the sheets with your love muffin, because you just got married yesterday,  no other reason required…. other than you want to! You won’t spend precious honeymoon time traveling with people who have forgotten what it was like to be crazy in love!
  4.  You don’t have to become a math genius to convert dollars to foreign dollars with some crazy 25 to 1 exchange rate. You think you got an awesome deal on those, his and hers cheesy must have to remember the honeymoon t-shirts, only to get back to your room and realized you paid $45.00 a piece for them!
  5. The most important reason to consider North America for your honeymoon is this simple and huge fact that this is a very diverse and beautiful country. If you want tropical secluded beaches with palm trees and crystal clear water, you can find it. You want mountains…. we have them. Museums, zoos, theater, golfing, boating, whitewater rafting, camping, horseback riding and shopping are your thing, we have the perfect honeymoon destination for that! Amusements parks…..we pioneered them, from Disney to Las Vegas. From on the go to top entertainment, 5 star, four diamond resorts, world renowned restaurants, and outdoor activities galore North America has it all!!!

We will uncover, discover and reveal to you so many destinations, ideas and tips you’ll have a fun and enjoyable time planning with your fiancé and deciding where and what type of honeymoon experience the two of you want!

We really want your questions and your input!! We really want to deliver to you what you are looking for and in need of and can’t find. So, please leave us a comment and tell others to come join the fun!