Keep the Love Fire Burning

Keep the Love Fire Burning
Keep the Love Fire Burning

When it comes to keeping the love fire burning for more than the honeymoon there are many different things you can choose to do. Yes, we said choose to do. Often times in a marriage we have to choose to make the apologize or gently back down when what we would really like to do is lash out.

You’ve always heard your momma say if you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all.  So often we think our spouse should simply know what we need or what we are feeling and should equally have a desire to accommodate us. Always remember the gift of another’s love is not a trivial thing to easily be tossed aside. It needs to be nurtured and handle with respect and care.

We have compiled a list of several things we think will keep that love fire burning in your relationship and help you to make it to happily ever after. These suggestions were gathered from young and old alike. They shared the little and not so little things they do to keep the love fire burning.

  • Laugh together and often.
  • For no reason just look at your partner and find something that makes you smile at them. Remember they’re the love of your life and you’re lucky to have them in your life.
  • Remember you’re a team, playing on the same side and work together to make it to goal.
  • Communicate without distractions. Talk to each other, turn off the TV, put down that smart phone and spend time each day talking.
  • Listen carefully when your spouse is talking, don’t interrupt. Everyone wants to sincerely be heard. It’s important to be heard.
  • Go to bed angry, (this one was a surprise to us). So many people advise against this. But honestly often sleep helps bring a fresh perspective. Let’s face it most likely you both needed it and there’s nothing a good night’s rest can’t help with. Discuss the issue in the morning over breakfast or coffee. You may not even remember what you were mad about.
  • Do your own thing and let your spouse have their own hobbies, especially the ones you have zero interest in. Have some separate friends, it’s okay and it will keep you happy, healthy and sane.
  • This is a biggie…don’t sweat the small stuff. No one likes being nitpicked.
  • We thought this one was really fun and sweet…dance in the kitchen. You never know what this will lead to.
  • Appreciate one another and tell each other thanks you often. Notice the little things your spouse dose to make things easier for you and say thank you!
  • Travel together either to a different city, a different state or a different country. Create memories together; you will never say, “oh i wish we never would’ve spent that money on that wonderful trip to Mexico.”
  • This is a nonnegotiable in our book…don’t compare your marriage to anyone else’s marriage ever. No relationship is the same and every relationship has issues.
  • Always be working on your marriage. Think of your relationship as a house; you need to keep it clean, fix things that break and continue to make it a home, so it doesn’t start to fall apart.
  • Kiss often.
  • Hold hands in private and public

We thought these were great suggestions to keep the love fires burning hot in your marriage and for a very, very long time.

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