Wedding Party App

Wedding Party app

We found a really fun app to keep everyone in the social cyber loop while attending all the wedding festivities from engagement to nuptial and reception; it’s the Wedding Party app. The app works with IPhones, Androids, tablets, desktops and digital cameras.  It’s like having your own personal Instagram no one can see unless they have the password. You can find this app at…

We think it’s a great answer to your guests stealing the show and posting all the fun and Joy of your day before you have a chance to share it your way in the social cyber sphere.

Here’s what brides and grooms are saying about this fun and easy to download app…

“We now have literally hundreds of photos we’d never even have seen of our wedding (and the events leading up to it) if it weren’t for this ingenious app. Everyone got in on the sharing — old and young folks alike. Plus, it’s super pretty.” Essie27 August 2013

“I would recommend the Wedding Party app to anyone and everyone! Easy to download, fun for guests, and then we could see what was going on from the guests’ point of view while we were busy doing wedding stuff. Three of my engaged friends loved the app so much, they are using it for their weddings! Thanks Wedding Party!” Amy & Nic March 23, 2013

“Really awesome way for all guests to have a private place to share photos and comments with one another…We had out of town guests and were happy to see them participating and sharing their experiences. They posted about how they were getting down there. Once they got in town they posted where they were eating or drinking, and of course capturing their candid wedding pictures. I recommend this to anyone.” Jaffey/Joffa March 15 2013